Family Medicine

Family Medicine
In the state of Arizona, Naturopathic Physicians (N.D.’s) are licensed as primary care physicians and can treat the whole family.  Yes, our N.D. is highly trained in natural medicine and can also prescribe pharmaceutical medication for the family, if needed.  We can diagnose and treat many health conditions such as common cold, thyroid conditions, IBS, skin conditions, urinary tract infections, gastric ulcers, chronic fatigue syndrome , allergies , and Much MORE.

Adopting a healthy lifestyle is our aim for the whole familyshape up                
get motivated        
take action    

You can BREAK family traits that has been plaguing your generations for years.
BREAK Generation Health Curses

Break (Unhealthy) Cycles:
that have run in your family by incorporating a Healthy Nutritional Lifestyle .  If you have a strong family history of illness and/or disease, it can predispose you to certain medical conditions, which turn into genetic (DNA) malfunctions that are carried through to others in the family tree.  However, with our help, you may be able to put all of that history of Hereditary Disease in a scrapbook, remembered as a bad memory, plus a teaching tool to guide your family in what NOT to do.  Our aim is to preserve Optimal Health in your “new” families bloodline.

Since the family is the backbone of our society, we stand a better opportunity to make long-lasting changes if our families were whole, complete, and fulfilling in every way.  Is this possible?  Yes.  Besides environment and exercise, nutrition is an important factor in attaining Optimal Health.

“I Love You” is said in so many ways; one of the best ways to show it is by . . .

how you feed the one’s you love.

Put your family first, say, “I love youby giving them the Nutritional Care

that could answer their physical ailments.

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