Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment

Hormone Replacement Treatment

Hormones are chemical messengers that circulate in your bloodstream delivering messages from one part of the body -to- another, from cells -to- the brain, the brain-to-the glands, and from glands -to- the cells. Your body produces more than 100 different types of hormones to help your body function harmoniously.

Is Your Body Searching for Lost Hormones?

  • Lack of energy
  • Loss of zest for life
  • Weight gain
  • Mood swings
  • Loss of sex drive
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Fuzzy thinking
  • Forgetfulness
  • Hot flashes

What are Hormones?

Simply put, Hormones are just specific proteins that tell each part of the body, organs, and tissue, etc., “how-to” function. Hormones control many areas of our lives and can influence not only the way our bodies function, but how we feel. You can experience rage, anger, happiness, despair, or fall into deep sleep because of hormones. They also help extract waste and work to develop masculine and feminine characteristics, and even much more. So, in-short, if you are irritable, having problems dealing with stress, feeling less masculine or feminine traits, or any other symptoms (also, some listed above), then you may have a hormonal imbalance,
among other things.

Here is an example of how common hormonal imbalance can be:

It was said that some men who were weight-lifters at the gym started working with a new trainer. This trainer asked them to take a hormone test (see our Free Tests ), they agreed. The results were stunning and yet accurate to what the trainer had suspected. 80%-90% of the men tested, had very high elevations of “Estrogen” which produces feminine-like qualities, and lower amounts of Testosterone needed to make more masculine attributes.
Now, all they would have needed to consider is how they want More TESTOSTERONE, through chemicals and steroids, or by natural means.

WOW, even Athlete’s bodies are not perfect!

There was also a documentary that was done a few years ago on the effects of modern chemicals and plastics, especially as it relates to men . They found that a vast number of men, exposed to the bombarding of “everyday” chemicals, plastics, and even BAD electromagnetic waves had a significant decrease in masculine traits: whether it was in productivity, physical appearance, reproduction, behavioral character, or even sometimes showing up as (DNA/RNA) deformity.

WAIT . . . IrRegUlar Hormones are not uncommon to women.

Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment for Women and Men

Managing PMS or menopause is an example of a condition that requires an individualized program or treatment. Women may already have an idea that their hormones are imbalanced. Let’s face it, the subject may not be far-off as women get together to discuss issues. While men go through puberty at different stages and then face ANDROPause – and may have no idea what is going wrong, since “Hormones” may not be a common subject. Although, these may be natural and normal processes, many experience these times in their life differently. Since there can be so many questions about regulating hormones and even the topic of Hormonal Replacement Therapy, it is good to consult a Naturopathic Physician about your options. Many respond well to botanical medicines and nutritional supplements, along with diet and exercise, to transition comfortably or evade degenerative hormonal stages. Naturopathic Physicians can compound individualized natural hormone prescriptions, or even Bio-Identical Hormones, to get your hormones back on the right path.

Stress, Irritable, Fatigue, etc. – imbalanced hormones is a BIG FACTOR that causes much of these issues. Resetting the hormonal clock with treatment can help regulate moods and temper you during the most strenuous situations. Furthermore, there are “new” treatments that are more tailored to stress and may carry speedier results. For more information, see “Stress.”

Deep Sleep is controlled by organs in the body REALLY? Yes really, and guess what? Those organs produce the hormones you need to create Deep Sleep. If these organs are not functioning correctly, one can be

  • half sleep all night,
  • wakeup exhausted,
  • having trouble going back to sleep after having awakened during the night.

TIP: Don’t rule out the importance of praying and communicating to God, who may be trying to talk with you as he did Samuel (Judges 9:34) if you have trouble going back to sleep. However, if this happens often or every night, then this is unhealthy and should warrant your attention, because the lack of sleep is a BAD VITAL SIGN and could cause organs to be overly fatigued. Our organs need time to slow down and regenerate to regain strength for continued proper function.


Don’t settle to live with a potential Hormonal Imbalance in life, especially when it can be (Re)balanced.

Call for an Appointment with Your Naturopathic Doctor, as soon as possible!

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