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Did You Know
A Kid = a (stubborn) goat.
Just because they may act stubborn doesn’t mean they are GOATS – lol.
They are NOT KIDS, they are our children.
It is said that, the very 1st medicine for children is love (words of love and a loving home atmosphere).  Many problems with children may stem from the direct cause of an unhealthy home environment.  Vice versa, children have a better opportunity to flourish when they are surrounded with a balance of love like: kind words, affection, quality time, and disciple.  (Children may not come with instructions, but they do speak a language, . . . see “5 love languages,”).

So now, let’s look at Discipline:   of what we put into their – little mouths.
Discipline, HOW?
They say, “You are what you eat,” so feeding – JUNK FOOD, may not be the best thing to feed an intelligent, youthful mind and body.  So, Discipline starts from:

the womb –> to brestfeeding –> to the kitchen.

We should always feed children the nutritional value that will help them to be MORE Creative yet Calm, things that promote their intelligence, and cause them to be emotionally and physically fit little men/women.

Let’s not give our children the Rat Race Diet.  The one we learned from our college days of struggle, eating all the “Romen Noodles” one can find or the “Radical, Splurge Adult Diet” where we lie to ourselves about splurging on FAST FOOD throughout the week, because we are “tooooo busy” to fix a healthy meal.  As we all know, these are VERY unhealthy and undisciplined lessons that we should avoid, at all costs, and especially do the opposite for our homes by nurturing our children (of the future) into Optimal Health.

In the womb, health
We all have little issues or things we would like to change about our DNA/RNA.  Therefore, the things we can improve upon through a healthy lifestyle of healthy eating, will carry tremendous benefits to the baby, improving their DNA/RAN.  Instead of pickles and ice-cream, perhaps we can do things differently that will comfort the mother from cravings and yet bring the remainder of the nourishment to the “bundle of joy,” on the inside.

Let’s work together
Breastfeeding -to- walking, health
Many people are finally realizing that the illnesses of younger children could possibly be overcome by applying the right nutritional regimen, instead of playing “Russian Rullet” (not knowing what to do with their health).  Yes, many of us have made bad mistakes, but we don’t always have to live FOREVER with the results of those decisions.  It’s time for you to learn how-to create “super babies!”  These super-babies will love you because you don’t treat them as “KIDS (goats),” feeding them any kind of (synthetic-formula) Trash, and they will fight the world for you, with their awesome newly-found nutritional strength (Thanks to you, Dad and/or Mom)!

– Yes, quite Possibly –
Children Can Heal through Drinking good Nutrition Drinks of Nature!
Types of Children problems that WNHealth deals with.
Our children today are facing a lot of situations in their health that were not major factors 20 years ago.  From Mandatory Vaccinations, to Autism, to children taking medicines 7days a week for ADD/ADHD, we are Very Concerned and now offer our assistance.  Here is a list of just some of the things we treat, dealing with severe cases in children.  However, we also cover a lot more treatment options and concerning other issues than what are presented below.

♦   ADD / ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
♦   Nutrition
♦   Diabetes
♦   Weight Management
♦   Vaccination (Do’s or DON’T)
♦   High Cholesterol
♦   Food Allergies
    ♦   Stomach Issues
♦   and Much MORE


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