What to Expect

In office and Phone Consultation

Private physician consulting is the core of our practice. Everyone likes the one-on-one interaction.  This is like no other doctor visit you may have had.  Our clients are all throughout the nation, therefore your visit can conducted via the phone or in person – it’s important to be globally in-touch these days.  We make your experience a joy and a pleasure, by the end of your visit, you should feel full of hope.  Many people know that there are alternative ways, but may not know the best ways to get started and/or the safest ways to get the results they need.  Wooten Naturopathic is here for you.  We create individualized, nutritional plans that accommodate one’s current situation, yet moving them forward into their healthy journey.

What is the main concern during our sessions?
Many want to know if the nutrition, herbs, hormones, protein, etc. are toxic or may cause side-effects, in any way.  Well, some nutritional things do have a toxic level while many are non-toxic (having very little or NO lethal dosage).  That is were our professionalism comes in and helps you find a regimen that will give some of the best results with minimum -to- NO side effects.

Do It Yourself – be your own doctor!
Even the best of herbalist, holistics, or health and fitness trainers may all come running to the doors of the NMD when they get stuck.  It may not always work out using guest work to regain one’s health. You may save a whole lot of time and money (down the road) if you use a doctor who can point, set, and keep you on track towards your road in reclaiming Optimal Health.

What can I expect?
Step-by-Step Regimen
A sense of “real” hope
Education, a thorough understanding of your condition and the ways we can go about defeating the condition(s)

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