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Private, Naturopathic Physician Consulting is the core of our practice. Everyone likes the one-on-one interaction.  This is like no other doctor visit you may have had. Many people know that there are alternative ways, but may not know the best ways to get started and/or the safest ways to get the results they need.  We are here for you.

Do It Yourself – be your own doctor!
Here at Wooten Naturopathic, we will point, set, and keep you on track towards your road in reclaiming Optimal Health.

What can I expect?
Step-by-Step Regimen
A Since of “real” hope

If you would like to become a patient and schedule an appointment with Dr. Wooten, please call 602-840-4112.

Wooten Naturopathic, PLC
3714 East Indian School Rd.
Phoenix, AZ. 85018

Office: (602) 840-4112
Fax:     (602) 224-1182



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