Chronic Wellness

Chronic Illness/Disease are not limited to any demographic groups,
ones’ sex, or any societal class, because they are obtained through
a wide-range of causes.

One should always consider taking steps against Degenerative Aging to help prevent Chronic Diseases in later years.  However, the most frequent causes of Chronic Illnesses are caused by hereditary dysfunctional DNA/RNA, bad habits (including addictions), and STD’s.  (Now, Bad habits, . . . like addictions to drugs do need both: a serious detoxing and nutrient replacement.  Make sure you find a place that will provide you with both forms of help.)  However, with hereditary dysfunctional DNA/RNA, STD’s, and even Degenerative Aging we may can help you transform your body from the inside-out, to unveil a “new, healthier you,” hopefully void of the symptoms and root cause(s) of an “incurable disease.”

Chronic Illness/Disease might be one of the favorite subjects of naturopathic medicine.  This is the industry that drives most doctors to search for a more herbal/natural approach to help their patients.  When there is no hope in conventional medicine, there may be a way to improve, dramatically improve, or even completely rid a specific illness and/or disease using other approaches.  However, one has to think in three-different ways.

♦   Removing the root causes of a disease
♦   Dealing with the symptoms of the disease
♦   Repairing destroyed cells caused by the disease

With the help of a specialist in nutrition, one can possibly overcome a Chronic illness that has been plaguing every part of their daily routines and activities.

The key is to find a Naturopathic Doctor with the “right combination”

to unlock the door to Optimal Health, like!

Special Note:

STD’s are Sexual Transmitted Diseases.  Regardless of how it has been attained, STD’s

are pathogens that internally erode the health of the body.  STD’s starts the

breakdown of Degenerative Aging , but at a much faster pace.  So, if STD’s are

attacking you or someone you love, you need to be in a frame-of-mind to


Being weak =  means following convention methods that leave you with less than

a 50% of success.

Being strong =  to be proactive in our regimens and strategies, and be willing to

see results through your diligence, as we work together to conquer what ails you.

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