Geriatric Medicine

Learn how to age gracefully

Improper health choices affect many people in different ways, but one way that is common to many individuals are it’s effects on aging. From aches, to pains, to stiffness, to wrinkles, to deformity, to even disease, aging begins to show as a breakdown of the awesome complex body system. WE DON’T HAVE TO AGE with all of these PROBLEMS!

What is Geriatric Medicine?

Naturopathic Medicine is an excellent choice for the geriatric population. We provide safe, non-toxic, effective natural therapies for a number of conditions and illness common to the elderly population, including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease. Many older people have already gravitated to natural medicines; with the elderly population benefiting from being one of the biggest consumers of natural products.

Aging can be seen in:


Our skin does more than notify us of the passing of time. It displays a map of the nutrients we have digested throughout each day. In other words, our skin shows us the decreased production of even major and minor (sexual) hormones we need to live healthy lives. As an example, collagen which provides “smooth baby skin” is said to diminish upto 2% or more, after menopause. If that is the cause, how much does Testosterone diminsh after andropause? The skin tells us that we are missing important nutrients that support our vitality.


Yes, weight plays a big part in aging. Many find it hard to lose weight, even accumulating cellulite and varicose veins, etc. as they get older. These are signs of (ab)normal degeneration. One should be able to have dexterity, flexibility, and the body should respond to fluctuations of weight with diet and exercise, even in older years. If not, there may be nutrient chemical imbalances that may cause the body to hold-on to fatty tissue and cellulite pockets, this is not beautiful or handsome. Speaking of good-looking, varicose veins are not pretty at all, they literally are veins which have stopped working. This means parts of your body could be lacking sufficient blood flow. So, when you notice your body fighting you to get in shape, then you know there are some internal issues which need and CAN BE corrected.


We also recognize that pain tends to accompany degenerative aging. Sometimes it is the combination of the lack of macro-, micro-, and phyto-nutrients (including good oils) that joints ache and bones are brittle. Pain alone can halt the idea of trying to exercise. We understand. It may be so hard to move without pain, that personal hygiene can begin to suffer. Yes, it is not just about looking good on the outside, it’s also about feeling pain free while having the clarity of mind to do the simplest of task. That is why we look to provide you the best Geriatric Medicine and Treatment as possible to help you “Feel Good” on the inside, so you can function from day-to-day.


Work with us to:

Rediscover your mobility, endurance, and flexibility

Conquer the constant annoyance of pain

Improve your hormones and necessary body functions

Increase vitality with Geriatric Medicine and Treatment

Live life in good health!



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