Nutritional Supplementation

Read this first:

This is a Special Coded Message.ehllo, adn wecloem ot WHNaelth.  Somme poelpe haav problmes raednig thsi meesage.  Iff yoou haav problmes seieng tηe letetrs cΘrrecctyl – tehn youu mmay hvae∀ Sμplpem∂nt Dεfice;inccy!.”
A Supplement Deficiency

What can you do, about it?

Fortunately, the message above was only a joke (laugh – Proverbs 17:22 a merry heart is good like medicine).  Although, it was just a joke, the point behind the message has a deeper meaning.

Since everyone visiting this page can view the scrambled lettering in the message above, we are saying basically, that “almost everyone” needs supplements (lots of nutrition) everyday.  Degeneration, Aging, etc. is due to the body’s inability to make, absorb, and utilize nutrients.  One can slow down this process by feeding the body ample amounts of Supplements everyday.

Why Do You Need to Take Supplements?
Although you may have healthy well-balanced diet, there is still a need to take supplements.  Unfortunately our environment and poor farming techniques have depleted majority of the vital nutrients in today’s farming soils, and therefore the food grown in depleted soils have depleted mineral levels.  In additional to depleted soils, pesticides and antibiotics in our foods has provided another source of contamination for our bodies that increases the need for vitamins and minerals.  Now with NEW Technology, sometimes, certain Supplements may provide more portions per serving, in one(1) capsule, than eating 2-3 heads of vegetables.

Ask the Wooten Natural Health Supplement Doctor . . .
to have optimum maintenance of supplements that reaches your health goals!


How Much do I need?
What Brands should I get?
My needs are unique.  What Supplements do I specifically need?
Does supplements only deal with symptoms or help Solve Root Issues?

It is not always good enough to find out WHAT Supplement to take:,   but . . . .

WHEN – to take it at the most efficient time of the day/night

WHEN (NOT) – to take or Stop taking it.

WHERE – to take it best (at home, at work, during exercise, etc.)

WHICH – is best (using powders over capsules, or affects a specific organ better, or as simple as Organic Honey or Organic Agave, or vice versa)

HOW – to take it (2x, 4x per day, or before/after meals, with Barley juice, etc.


Absorption & Assimilation
All the questions and qualities above are all in harmony with the topics of Absorption and/or Assimilation.  Of course, we don’t want to take a supplement and have the supplement completely come out of our body – whole, in tact in our stole, only to flush it down the commode (W.C.), altogether.  Unfortunately, this loses 100% Absorption & Assimilation).  We want our bodies to break down the pill, capsule, powder (called Digestion) which it can normally do with our stomach acid.  Plus, with the added qualities of: What, When (Not), Where, Which, and How – we can now take Specific Supplements and enhance (up to 100%) the Absorption & Assimilation (to create / renew cells) of certain nutrients within our body.

For Example: if you take too much of one Vitamin and/or Mineral, you can hinder the Absorption of another Vitamin and/or Mineral.  As with Vitamin A Supplementation, too much will begin to block Vitamin K Absorption.  This means less and/or no Vitamin A Supplementation will promote more Vitamin K Absorption, especially for those dealing with Vitamin K deficiencies.  Furthermore, (DYK) did you know that even with “normal” amounts, Calcium Supplements competes with Iron Supplements for Absorption.  Now, let us take this idea one step further.  Let’s say you need iron, and go to buy some “CHEAP” Whole Wally-Mort Brand which was actually crushed up (cast) iron or iron rod.  It would not matter how good of an Absorption rate (70% more/less) you may have, you have just Assimilated into your cells, non-bioidentical (toxic) iron.

2 More Nuggets: Did You Know . . . Vitamin D and intake of foods help to increase Calcium Absorption.  Also, pay attention to the labels, those certified and tested by NSF and/or USP should state the amount of Nutrition per serving.  Therefore, if you consume 2 servings (with 70g of Magnesium per serving) and you know how to get close to 100% Absorption, then you just increased your Magnesium Absorption to 140g (if 100% Absorption). We (enter use all the qualities to give you the best information to provide the Optimal Health you are in need of.

Does Supplements cause side-effects or conflict with Medications?:
Some Supplements may cause major side-effects in VERY HIGH AMOUNTS, but most do not cause major side-effects at regular maintenance amounts, unlike (OTC) Over-the-counter Drugs and/or Prescription Medications.  However, if one is on any medications, then some Supplements could conflict (causing lack) or even work-together and overly enhance the Medications (to have an over abundance).  This is why those on medications or those looking for nutritional supplemental help, both contact us so that we can chart a Supplemental course to help avoid most side-effects.

Supplements  vs.  Healthy Living?:
There are NO substitutions for Healthy eating, sleeping, and exercise.  Supplements are just that – supplementing (assisting) your daily dietary habits.  Guessing with Supplements – may not destroy the bacon (pig) or cheeseburger molecules you ate a few days ago.  Neither will they entirely strengthen your muscles, tissues, or bones like that of, or without (resistance – using weights) exercising.  Supplementation guesswork nor Medications are “Miracle” drugs; they cannot take the place of “real healthy foods that provide excellent nutritional building for the body.”
However, the main goal which we use Strategic Supplements for, is to help accelerate the healing process.

Why do  You Need Help, with Supplements?

Regrettably, Supplements do not come with complete how-to manuals (Neither do children – LOL).  The Do’s & Don’ts of Nutritional Supplementation have been passed down from family -to- family, for years.  However, most families have lost many valuable insights on health and wellness, herbs, and supplements.  This is where we come in as your personal, family “Health Aid.”  As trained specialists who have studied perplexing medical and nutritional data, we provide and teach you with simplified Supplemental regimens which may help accelerate your inner healing processes.With our help you can feel free, knowing you have what it takes to start your family’s renewed vitality through
proper Supplementation!

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