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STRESSED OUT, felling tired, do you have trouble focusing at work or in school, or are there too many things “on your plate” to handle, etc.  When these types of tensions are without a proper resolution, WORRY and FATIGUE are like violent street gangs that beats one emotionally down.&nbap; Everyday, people are waking up to see that they need to Get HELP to de-clutter their lives, because the stress seems too much to handle.  Did you know that around 75% of the reasons why people visit the doctor is somehow related to stress issues.

What is Stress?:
Stress is a gradual or an accelerated burst of energy in anticipation or response to a good or bad situation.  Of course these BAD or good situations are directly resulting in BAD vs. good stressors.  Most BAD stress may actually be called “Cervical or Vertebral Subluxations.”  This is when there are distortions in your spine, due to internal and external stressors, that have a direct impact on your nerves which produces both emotional and physical (internal) stress on the nerves, brain, and throughout the body.

Huh, You can have Good Stress??


Bad Stress = Fatiguebadtree

BAD Feelings, when you are:
♦   over worked
♦   under paid
♦   non-peaceful home
♦   unappreciated
♦   non-productive environments
♦   buildup of internal toxins
♦   disorganized
♦   cycles of BAD habits
♦   feeling that something is wrong
♦   worrying

& Good Stress = Eustressgoodtree

Excitement you feel, when you:
♦   meet a timeline / goal
♦   see a cute child
♦   feel attractive
♦   meet someone interesting
♦   exercise
♦   enjoy a outdoor activity
♦   enjoy a themepark ride
♦   good, clean, funny comedy
♦   anticipate a wedding or event
♦   enjoy a good sports game

What about . . .

Management of BAD Stress

Our definition of Stress Management is the use of “Natural Principles” to manage (uncontrollable) stressful situations which come from both internal and external sources.  Now, before we manage any form of BAD Stress, it would help if we first identified the source or where BAD Stress comes from.  There are Internal and External sources of BAD stress.

A few examples of Internal Stressors are:
(MUMBO JUMBO LIST) right info. coming soon
having an unbalanced / dysfunctional household, misunderstood or bad friendships, bad character, misunderstandings, and/or misappropriate words spoken to us by other people.

A few examples of External Stressors are:
(MUMBO JUMBO LIST) right info. coming soon
like tests or exams, bad vehicle drivers, addiction(s),

casual guy looking very stressed on a laptop at home
casual guy looking very stressed on a laptop at home

In fact, anxiety can be an integral part of life, as we skilfully react to everyday pressures to bring about an appropriate adaptation to changing environments.  Although, if anxiety (even from: noise, conflicts, professional pressure, abrupt changes…) happens often, then there can be an excess of stimulation, and the lack of rebalance might inadvertently increase even more stress levels.  Quite often, stress gives us signals by interfering not only with our mood, but our mood to eat, sometimes over eat, digestion, and especially focus.  These alarm signals are but a few which causes us to respond because we know, “something is wrong,” and we have to do something about it.  It was once common for people to use OTC (Over-the-Counter) and Prescribed Anti-depressant Medications to deal with a life of stress.  However, we think our view of the use of “Natural Principals is a much better way to help eradicate the effects of stress in life, without OTC or Anti-depressant chemicals.

Others SEEM not to have ANY Stress? ? ?

Have you noticed that some people can remain calm under pressure?  What do they have or what are they doing, knowingly or unknowingly that causes them to be “smooth-as-ice?”  Are they just born that way, forever; not likely.  Perhaps, they are using a few easy tips, included in their daily life to help make the day run a whole lot better.  Just think, when others are yelling and the traffic is bad, while children are running around in circles, or while your home or work performance is being scrutinized – you could be so harmonious, stress-free, without the aid of any outside drugs.

SOooo, do I need:  Stress Management
Do I have:  Chronic Fatigue ?

Hopefully this explanation helps . . .

The over-intensity + daily reoccurrence from stress can cause those who may have simple punctural anxiety, to then find themselves with Chronic Dynamic Anxiety which is basically now, a state of disease.  At this crucial point, we are now dealing with a consistent stress on one’s mental and physical state. Therefore, Stress Management is completely different from Chronic Fatigue.  Whereas, Stress Management is the daily program of including key Nutritional Principles to help handle the stress from internal and external sources; Chronic Stress is the over-fatigue from the internal side (organs) of the body – then showing itself outward.

We may not be able to completely stop the pressures which attack us, but we can take control or stop most all their influence on our life.  However, Chronic Fatigue is when we have lost most of the ability to even control any part of the reactions and/or responses to any stress, because we are overly taxed internally.

Signs of Neurotransmitter and Organ . . . mIsHaPS

BrainFoodDifferent organs of the body are stimulated by Neurotransmitters to help manage all forms of stress.  These Neurotransmitters may either help us to pay closer attention to solve an issue or can allow us to override (ignore) situations so that they do not bother us (Norepinepherin), or help us avoid Depressionary states (Serotonin), and/or to meet project or task time-frames and handle things with enthusiam, vigor, excitement, and great pleasure of fulfillment (Dopamine).  There are other organs that maintain our glucose levels (Glucocorticoids) during stress to produce reactions like “flight -or- fight” syndrome when (un)foreseen pressure rises.  If the organs begin to malfunction due to over-fatigue and lack of replenishment, then no matter when, where, or how the stress is delivered, one will almost assuredly be and/or feel (very) overwhelmed.  This feeling of being overly fatigued will many times result in:
(bizarre) exaggerated behaviour.

Have you seen people who may have showed signs of:
Phobias (Fear of), Bi-Polar, consistently ANGRY, the strong inability to work with or around others, has trouble speaking kind and/or gentle words, slapstick personality, can easily pinpoint and spend countless time on the faults of others, have trouble avoiding profanity and hostility, easily enter into Depression and/or Chronic Depression, intra-verts or the opposite – too exuberant in most social environments, driven to alcoholism and other addictive behaviours, always nervous or shaky or jittery, easily irritable, low-tolerance of patience, too emotionally sensitive – all these may be MAJOR Signs of Chronic Fatigue.
When one experiences Chronic Fatigue even the littlest issues are turned into BIG GIGANTIC STRESSFUL DRAMA.  Plus, ordinary means to relocate or rest does not resolutely lessen the the Fatigue, this is because the internal organs are overworked, malnurished, clogged, and/or possibly has toxicity.

Choose our Naturopathic Approach: . . . . . . .

Anxiety from stress tries to build more tension every chance it can, since certain aspects of life may facilitate the need to deal with pressure(s).  However, we need to handle the attack of stress on our health with brilliance.  In order to face this and shine, why not choose a more natropathic treatment to possibly manage and rid (Chronic) Stress symptoms and the underline cause(s)?  Yes, there are natural things you can do to vastly improve your state of being and relieve yourself of the residue of those stressors.

Yes, Three Basic Natural Principles: . . . . . . .

Let’s help you manage and even rid certain effects of stressors using three basic natural principles, so if or when you face stressors, you are not the one – StReSsEdd-OUT.

Here are some tips at how we achieve success: . . . . . .

Don’t be controlled, overcome the BAD Stress of everyday life(style) through a plan of reorganization, wellness, and nutrition.  If your plan does not include:
reorganization of your time and energy,
wellness, environment, and scheduled relaxation,

and finally,
nutrition is the gateway to help resolve:
replacement of neurotransmitters
glucose maintenance and production
proper adrenal-gland functionality
absorption of key mineral salts

If your plan to either Manage Stress or eliminate Chronic Fatigue does not contain most of all of the treatments above, then you may need to think again!  You may not have the right combination to accomplish your goal to permanently overcome the effects of stress.  Many times, it is the right combination of management and nutrition, or help from those who know – that will give you a much higher opportunity to succeed.

If you would like to get rid of the HEADACHES and “BAD STRESS”,

then work with us to see good results!

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